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Jingle Bell Rock

November 30, 2014











bron and kebz


stace and kel







mich and left

tam and le


     shots3  shots  shots2






Images: Nicole Leftwick

‘Understand that friends come and go, but for the precious few, you should hold on. Work hard to bridge the gaps in geography and lifestyle, for as the older you get, the more you need the people you knew when you were young.’

It was our annual girl’s Christmas do yesterday – no words can describe how much I love these girls. I think the pictures say it all really… xxx



Girl Heaven

November 25, 2014






2   3  4

IMG_0400  IMG_0325  IMG_0123

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LaMasion3  lamaison1



 Images: Nicole Leftwick and Vanilla photography 

OK ladies, listen up – there is a little piece of girl heaven that you need to know about…

La Maison is your one stop girl-time shop offering everything from scrumptious cakes and quality coffee to skin and nail treatments, hairdressing and scrapbooking – all packaged up in a beautifully ambient little house-turned business, conveniently located behind the Spar in Durban North (Ennisdale Drive). You could literally spend all day there!

Here’s the low down of what you’ll find there –

Crop –

Crop is the brainchild of my good friend Stace Shea. After living and working with some top hair stylists and brands at many a fashion event in Cape Town, Stace came back to open up shop at home in Durban. It’s a beautiful little spot with a clean interior and modern fixtures that makes you feel instantly at home – interior design was done by the lovely Kirsty Lindley Interior Design.

I had my ‘hair did’ there last week as I wanted some very natural highlights for summer. Stace used Wella’s new freelights and I’m so so happy with the results! Golden perfection a la Eva Mendes/Jessica Alba.

Follow Crop on Facebook or call Stace on 031 573 1926 for bookings.

The Skin & Nail Bar -

My other besty Kelly Edwards opened up her salon earlier this year and it has been flourishing ever since. It’s a gorgeous salon styled by Lisa M Designs with two treatments rooms and two mani/pedi stations. Jana recently joined the business so now the team can offer double treatments – perfect for a girl’s/mother daughter day out.

The Skin and Nail Bar and Crop are running a special  for the last week of November – book a facial to the value of R380 and get a free blow wave at crop. They will also have plenty of Christmas time deals available.

Follow the The Skin & Nail bar on Facebook or call Kelly on 031 563 1614 for bookings.

La Maison Café -

After you’ve had your skin or hair treatment you can pop into the cafe – if not, why not hey? The quiches and coffee are to die for! La Maison also hires out the space for parties – we recently had a baby shower there and it’s just the perfect, girly little spot for such an occasion.

La Maison is holding their Christmas shopping evening night every Wednesday from 8am – 8pm for November and December only. The Skin & Nail Bar and Crop will be open for late night bookings, La Maison will be serving up delicious food, Reminisce will be holding an Xmas Décor workshop and various stores will be selling their goods, including Tasha Closet, Roxstar Bikinis and Bella Gem Jewels.

Visit their Facebook page or call 031 563 0756 for bookings.

Reminisce Scrapbooking – 

And finally – next to the cafe is Reminisce – Durban’s exclusive Scrapbooking supplier that stocks the latest Scrapbooking supplies from top quality manufacturers and offers a variety of creative workshops and events. All my fellow Annie Sloan fans will be excited to know that they also now stock AS Chalk Paint!

Follow on Reminisce on Facebook or find out more details on workshops at


Having a moment

November 21, 2014


Image by Rog Walker



main.original.585x0 (1)

Tat2  tat4    tat3

Images: Pinterest

So many ‘JUST YES’  fashion moments this week – I am especially taken with Solange’s all white wedding. I dig a non traditional matrimony – and as for her one piece pants suit; so my vibe.

I am also loving that all the stars are ditching their extensions for a classy modern bob/lob a la Lauren Conrad – tres chic ladies.

And finally – one month until I turn 31 and I’m considering a tattoo – maybe I’ve lost my mind, but how sweet are these dainty tats? They are like tiny pieces of jewellery – but they do last a life time. Let’s see if my sentiments remain the same next week…

Happy Friday x

DIY: A Touch of Gold

November 17, 2014

hangers1    goldjar 2    hanger2


IMG_0428     IMG_0421     IMG_0427   

photo copy 2


Images: Pinterest (top 3) and Nicole Leftwick

There’s no denying that touches of gold always add an air of decadence. I’ve made a few rose gold DIY items of late for work and gifting purposes, and number of people have asked me how to make them. It’s really really easy gals – here’s how…

Gold Sequin Hangers -

What you’ll need – About a metre of gold stretch sequin with 3 or 4 rows of sequins per strip (from Craft Concepts or Waste Centre), wooden hangers with clips or without, depending on what you’re using them for (from Mr Price Home), scissors and multi purpose glue.

How to – Start at the top, back of the hanger and glue the strip of sequin on – remembering to ensure the sequins are facing the same direction as they are on the material. You can measure out the sequin on one side of the hook to work out the size of strip you need to cut for future hangers, but I am a bit lazy so I just wrap the full metre around one side of hanger until I get to the end, then cut it, glue at the back again and then do the same on the other side. Depending on the angle of the hanger you can glue each strip to the hanger to ensure there are no gaps.

Use them for – Anything really! A glitzy welcome sign for an event, a photo feature for your wedding or prom dress, boutique store functional decor etc.

Gold Glitter Dipped Mason Jars -

What you’ll need – Jam jars, glitter (I got mine both from Party Themes), gold spray paint, modge podge, masking tape, a sponge brush (Craft Concepts), a box and newspaper.

How to – 1) Place your jars face down in the box (line with newspaper if you want to use it again) and then spray them as evenly as you can – spray paint usually dries quite quickly (about 30 mins between each coat) so you can lift them up to ensure you’re covering the whole surface. 2) Once satisfied then leave them for about an hour to ensure they are fully dry and then place them on a table with newspaper laid over. 3) Depending on how much of a perfectionist you are, you can create the line across the bottom of the jar either using a very non sticky masking tape (you don’t want the spray paint coming off with the tape) or just using the sponge brush with modge podgy in small sections. If the tape is on you can paint the whole bottom with the modge podge. Then get your glitter and sprinkle directly onto the glue – you’ll need quite a lot to cover each section and give the right effect. You can experiment with different colour paints and glitters depending on your theme/mood.

Use them for – Again – whatever you please! I used my first ones as little vases for flowers for a colleagues birthday, but you could put candles in them, use them as favours at an event, fill them with sweeties and so on!

Meet: Lola Berry

November 5, 2014

lola berry_CVR SI.indd

Images: Lilli Waters (top) and Pinterest.

I know I’ve said it before, but three years of living in Australia really opened up my eyes to nutrition and it’s direct link to wellbeing. In my early 20’s as a Uni student and then when I went on to live in London, I used to eat a lot of food that was high in sugar or carbs because it was quick and easy and gave me instant energy. Over the years, I have learnt the importance of a proper diet and how you can really nourish your mind and body through what you eat. As well as living in the health hub that was Bondi, where you could get green juices at your doorstep and banting, gluten, dairy or sugar free options at just about every cafe, it was people I was exposed to like like Sarah Wilson from I Quit Sugar and Lola Berry who inspired me to take the first steps to leading a healthier lifestyle through my diet.

I was very fortunate to have Lola, a leading Australian nutritionist  as one of my yoga teacher’s in Bondi – I used to get such a high from her energy-fueled sessions in which she combined her DJ’s skills with yoga. As well as a nutritionist, DJ and yoga teacher, Lola is also a television, writing and radio personality, chef and author of a cookbook – talk about an over-achiever! Lola’s colourful personality and passion inspires all of those around her  so I really hope you enjoy my conversation with her x

Check out recipes from Lola’s 20/20 diet cookbook here and follow Lola at or on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

What does living with soul mean to you?

It means doing what you love, being real and coming from the heart, and you know what – I think that’s pretty rare. You know when you meet someone who’s truly real; they’re the ones with that extra little spark and they always make your head turn.

What or who inspires you?

Anyone who has the courage to live their dreams. Steve Irwin is a huge inspiration for me. And my Dad, he’s pretty ace too.

What’s your food philosophy?

Eat real food, listen to your body, nourish yourself and share food with the people you love most.

Biggest food myth?

That low fat is healthier and all the fake sugars, those artificial sweeteners are not cool at all.

We know that you love a good quote – hit us with one of your best!

‘Authentic people are enigmatic because more people are so comfortable in their hiding, conforming, dis-empowered state that someone brave enough to be simply real is fascinating.’ – Jamie Catto

Have you ever been to South Africa? If so what do you think and the big question – do you like our food? 

I would love to visit South Africa, my Dad went last year and his photos looked amazing. I’d been keen to try as much of the local produce as possible, I love spices so i think there’d be so much I could learn.

We know that you used to be a DJ – what music are you listening to at the moment?

Ahh – yes, I am still a big music nerd. At the moment I am loving Chet Faker, Ta-ku, Hozier and Sigur Ros.

Are there any awesome yoga playlists that we can find online?

I’d  say so but I collect my music for gigs – I love going to live gigs and I’ll try to make a playlist around things I love listening to at that moment.

And finally, one piece of advise you’ve never forgotten?

When I moved away from home to pursue my dreams, my dad said to me at the airport (when iw as crying); “Kick some goals girl” –  so that’s what I always try to do – be kicking goals.

Pink and Gold

November 3, 2014







IMG_0186    IMG_0135   IMG_0196


IMG_0219   IMG_0285    IMG_0252  IMG_0368



IMG_0222   IMG_0315   IMG_0303

IMG_0386   IMG_0263    IMG_0232


IMG_0164    IMG_0352   IMG_0347



Images: Nicole Leftwick

A special day for two very special girls…

Our Natty is having her little bundle of joy soon so she was sprinkled with with lots of love and light at her baby shower last weekend. The day involved pressies and pinkness aplenty – and tears and champers on tap!

Thanks to La Maison in Durban North for having us and well done to Caro, Wendy and all other friends involved for doing an amazing job of styling the venue and making Nat’s day extra spesh x

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