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2015 – The year of YOU

January 15, 2015




beautiful mind

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A friend of mine recently said something quite profound. She said that she wished she could swap lives with myself or a few of our other friends – and that really got me thinking and reflecting…

This year, I’ve decided to start blogging a bit more on the topic of ‘soul’ as it’s something that really drives and excites me. I believe that the sharing of experiences and thoughts online is truly an untapped resource for a lot of women, and personally, it has been something that really helped me towards the beginning of last year and the end of 2013, when I was going through a difficult time in my life.

Over the past two years I feel I have grown more spiritually and have been more in tune with ‘me’ than I have ever been in my life – ok it could be something to do with crossing over from the 20s to the 30s, but age is but a number right? And you know what? Getting to know ‘you’ should always be your number one priority, it’s your most important relationship and the basis of all your other relationships as well as everything you do in this life.

Once I started taking a step back from my life; the work, the travel, the people and the places, I slowly but surely learnt that life is something that you have to not only embrace and enjoy, but also work at, just for you – always striving for balance and presence. No one’s life is perfect but ultimately we all want to achieve a common goal of just being happy.

Online life coaching, mentoring, researching – whatever you may call it, was a powerful tool for me, because it helped me to start becoming more aware of my life, of what I want, what makes me happy, my goals, my purpose and so much more. It is so readily available at our fingertips via the big old interweb, you just have to have the desire to discover and learn and ask yourself some difficult questions.

Two ladies work played an integral part in this process and journey –  Connie Chapman and Melissa Ambrosini (please do take the time to have a look at their sites). It was so refreshing to learn that other women, a whole online community even, were also dealing with a similar modern day stresses – a kind of ‘running women’s syndrome  (watch Dr Libby’s TED talk on this topic – super interesting). I started to begin looking inside instead of outside for the answers, being kinder to myself and choosing love over fear. Through reading these ladies powerful blogs as well as keeping up to date with thought provoking online articles on everything from health and wellbeing to mind, body, psychology and yoga  – and practising a heck of a lot of yoga inbetween, I was able to almost banish all my stress and anxiety, set achievable but challenging goals for myself and just be happy again.

So, I sat on Lions Head in beautiful Cape Town at the start of this year I reflected on 2014 – a challenging but very rewarding year – and wrote down my 2015 goals like I always do. I split them into things that I want to work on as part of my spiritual growth and the things I want to do because I can (yes a photo editing class can be a life goal!). This year, vulnerability topped the list for me, for a number of reasons (and hence the calling for this post) and another was to continue on the quest to find my meaning and my purpose.

A friend of mine recently sent me this article, which I found a very helpful tool for self-reflection. As the writer says, your purpose isn’t static and may very well change and evolve throughout the course of your life, but in the end we are all on this earth for a reason, and what that purpose is, you have to uncover (and create) yourself. It’s an epic quest from cradle to grave, and that’s what makes life worth living…

And so in response to my friend’s comment – as hard it may be sometimes, none of us should look for a life other than our own – the one you have is the one you were meant to have, but it will always have its challenging moments and it will always takes work – but it will be worth it…

So there we go, soul bared and vulnerable – I hope this gives everyone reading this at least a hint of inspiration or motivation for the year ahead – and if not then read some words on pinterest – always a winner! Here’s to a 2015 with a lotta soul x

PS: How have you prepared for 2015? What techniques do you to get more in touch with who you are and/or your purpose?  I’d love to hear from you guys too so drop me a line if you want to chat or share anything –

Oh Happy Day

January 13, 2015



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It’s been a little while since I’ve posted so happy 2015! The holidays have been festive and it’s been a really busy month for me – I’ve managed to squeeze in trips to Mozambique and Cape Town – but now I am back in beautiful Durbs, feeling refreshed, motivated and ready to take on this year.

So to rewind back to the latter part of  last year; one of my best friend’s and I wanted to celebrate our 31st birthday’s together and because their is nothing like December time to put strain on the purse strings, we decided to host a champagne brekky DIY-style. The beautiful home, crystal glasses and tea cups of course came free, but here are some ideas on how we styled the space to make it extra girly…

Dipped succulent pots

You can pick up terracotta plant pots in a variety of sizes at most larger nurseries but these adorable mini ones were from Builders Warehouse. There are so many ways of painting these pots – just check out pinterest - it’s a DIY dream! These ones were painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in white and bronze paint using masking tape to get the solid line, but you can also dip dye them by dunking half the pot in a pot of paint.

Flower letters -

Again, my go-to here was pinterest. I made these letters using large polysterene letters from Party Themes and a bag of fake flower off cuts that I also bought there. I stuck a little super glue on the stem and then poked it through the polystyrene until it was wedged in. Just make sure you get a variety of sizes and ensure you don’t hide the ends of the letters so you can still see the shape.

Polaroid bunting –

We wanted the party to also be about all the friends and family who have been part of our lives, so what better way than through photos – right? You can print your insta pics via Nifty250 for R6 a print, then hang them up with twine and mini pegs, which you can get from from Party Themes.

Paper roses –

Picked these up at Party Themes – they have a host of colours and sizes and are super easy to make – instructions on the packaging.

What we wore - My dress and shoes: Zara, Michy’s dress: Tattoo at Westfield Bondi Junction (Australia)



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