Oh Happy Day

January 13, 2015



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It’s been a little while since I’ve posted so happy 2015! The holidays have been festive and it’s been a really busy month for me – I’ve managed to squeeze in trips to Mozambique and Cape Town – but now I am back in beautiful Durbs, feeling refreshed, motivated and ready to take on this year.

So to rewind back to the latter part of  last year; one of my best friend’s and I wanted to celebrate our 31st birthday’s together and because their is nothing like December time to put strain on the purse strings, we decided to host a champagne brekky DIY-style. The beautiful home, crystal glasses and tea cups of course came free, but here are some ideas on how we styled the space to make it extra girly…

Dipped succulent pots

You can pick up terracotta plant pots in a variety of sizes at most larger nurseries but these adorable mini ones were from Builders Warehouse. There are so many ways of painting these pots – just check out pinterest - it’s a DIY dream! These ones were painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in white and bronze paint using masking tape to get the solid line, but you can also dip dye them by dunking half the pot in a pot of paint.

Flower letters -

Again, my go-to here was pinterest. I made these letters using large polysterene letters from Party Themes and a bag of fake flower off cuts that I also bought there. I stuck a little super glue on the stem and then poked it through the polystyrene until it was wedged in. Just make sure you get a variety of sizes and ensure you don’t hide the ends of the letters so you can still see the shape.

Polaroid bunting –

We wanted the party to also be about all the friends and family who have been part of our lives, so what better way than through photos – right? You can print your insta pics via Nifty250 for R6 a print, then hang them up with twine and mini pegs, which you can get from from Party Themes.

Paper roses –

Picked these up at Party Themes – they have a host of colours and sizes and are super easy to make – instructions on the packaging.

What we wore - My dress and shoes: Zara, Michy’s dress: Tattoo at Westfield Bondi Junction (Australia)



DIY: A Touch of Gold

November 17, 2014

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Images: Pinterest (top 3) and Nicole Leftwick

There’s no denying that touches of gold always add an air of decadence. I’ve made a few rose gold DIY items of late for work and gifting purposes, and number of people have asked me how to make them. It’s really really easy gals – here’s how…

Gold Sequin Hangers -

What you’ll need – About a metre of gold stretch sequin with 3 or 4 rows of sequins per strip (from Craft Concepts or Waste Centre), wooden hangers with clips or without, depending on what you’re using them for (from Mr Price Home), scissors and multi purpose glue.

How to – Start at the top, back of the hanger and glue the strip of sequin on – remembering to ensure the sequins are facing the same direction as they are on the material. You can measure out the sequin on one side of the hook to work out the size of strip you need to cut for future hangers, but I am a bit lazy so I just wrap the full metre around one side of hanger until I get to the end, then cut it, glue at the back again and then do the same on the other side. Depending on the angle of the hanger you can glue each strip to the hanger to ensure there are no gaps.

Use them for – Anything really! A glitzy welcome sign for an event, a photo feature for your wedding or prom dress, boutique store functional decor etc.

Gold Glitter Dipped Mason Jars -

What you’ll need – Jam jars, glitter (I got mine both from Party Themes), gold spray paint, modge podge, masking tape, a sponge brush (Craft Concepts), a box and newspaper.

How to – 1) Place your jars face down in the box (line with newspaper if you want to use it again) and then spray them as evenly as you can – spray paint usually dries quite quickly (about 30 mins between each coat) so you can lift them up to ensure you’re covering the whole surface. 2) Once satisfied then leave them for about an hour to ensure they are fully dry and then place them on a table with newspaper laid over. 3) Depending on how much of a perfectionist you are, you can create the line across the bottom of the jar either using a very non sticky masking tape (you don’t want the spray paint coming off with the tape) or just using the sponge brush with modge podgy in small sections. If the tape is on you can paint the whole bottom with the modge podge. Then get your glitter and sprinkle directly onto the glue – you’ll need quite a lot to cover each section and give the right effect. You can experiment with different colour paints and glitters depending on your theme/mood.

Use them for – Again – whatever you please! I used my first ones as little vases for flowers for a colleagues birthday, but you could put candles in them, use them as favours at an event, fill them with sweeties and so on!

Paint me like a French girl

October 28, 2014












 Images: Nicole Leftwick

Last weekend I spent my Saturday morning doing just about everything that encompasses a perfect girls day out – and that would be painting, drinking tea and eating cakes of course.

I have always adored the look of shabby chic French furniture and decor, so when I heard about at the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® workshop at Bon Bon Maison in Umhlahi I jumped at the chance to book a seat! By way of background, Annie Sloan is one of those super women that does it all – she’s a trained artist from Oxford England, who has combined her love of colour with a successful career as paint designer, teacher, entrepreneur and writer – with over one and a half million of her books sold so far. And of course, she is the founder of the amazing decorative and most brilliant paint in the world; Chalk Paint®.

As her brand is all about giving people the tools to create, Annie started developing her own line of paints because she was not happy with those on the market – and when you try Chalk Paint you will know why it’s revolutionised the way we see decorative painting. The unique paint is so flexible and easy to use, it even allows furniture to be painted without priming or preparation as it adheres to almost any surface from different wood finishes, fabric, ceramic pots and tins – I was amazed at how easy it was to apply! It comes in 32 beautifully rich colours that you can mix and match, it dries fast and has great coverage – because ain’t nobody got time to watch paint dry these days!

The lovely and talented Su from Suzanna Jane Furniture took our ‘Introduction to Chalk paint’ class – Su lives on the North Coast and upcycles furniture for a living – and she’s an absolute Annie Sloan ambassador. Her vast knowledge of the product, combined with her passion for painting and patience with those of us less experienced than others made her the perfect candidate to teach us all the tricks of the trade. Armed with our own pieces of wood, a plethora of brushes and pots of paints and even a hair dryer, Su took us through a few different techniques including whitewash, one-colour ‘chic’ finish, adding texture, two colour distressing and the use of clear and dark wax.

I found the workshop thoroughly enjoyable, inspiring and enlightening and I’d highly recommend it to anyone interested in exploring paint techniques, DIY projects or creative ways to up cycle old furniture. Like anything creative I think it’s best to experiment practically first hand, so I won’t spoil it for you all but rather provide some of my top tips I took from the day –

  • It’s always advisable to clean your surfaces before painting to remove dirt and grime and give you a clean base – you can do this with sugar soap and water
  • Some woods with heavy natural oils e.g. teak, can bleed through the paint, to prevent this use Knot Seal to prime the wood
  • Use a separate brush for waxing
  • Always apply a coat of clear wax before dark wax
  • Wax can be applied a s quickly as 40 minutes after painting
  • To maintain your pieces, wax them once a year and clean with a feather duster rather than chemical products
  • After painting you can use a coat of deck seal on outdoor furniture to keep the paint from weathering
  • To prevent surface marks, ideally wait about 30 days before putting things on top of your painted furniture

Most Annie Sloan stockists in South Africa offers paint technique workshops. Bon Bon Maison is an ideal stockist for North Coast residents, but recently the range became available at La Maison in Durban North. To find your nearest stockist go to I’d also recommend jumping on youtube if you’d prefer to teach yourself or even if you need a little refresher post workshop.

The Annie Sloan half day workshop is R500. To book visit Bon Bon Maison’s Facebook page here



DIY Cards

October 15, 2014




Images: Nicole Leftwick

As if buying gifts doesn’t come with a high enough price tag, then you have to actually buy the tag, baubles and beautiful bits to wrap the things! The good news is that pretty pressie packaging can be done on a budget. These DIY cards are super easy and give your gifts that personal touch x

What you’ll need: Scissors, double sided stickers, paper glue any bits and pieces you have lying around like lace, twine, pom poms, ribbons, stickers etc. – and a cardboard or paper card which you can print on a colour printer if you have access to one. There are so many lovely prints, illustrations and photos on the net that you can easily find something that matches your gift or giftee.

How to: Simply print the cards and get creative! You can make little ribbons to bring the pics to life, add dimension with stickers or pom poms, use paint/watercolours as your base, colour block with coloured paper – basically style with and however takes your fancy. If you have limited materials lying around the house then think thrifty, even newspaper can work as a quirky wrapping paper or card base.



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