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June 4, 2015


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 Images: Nicole Leftwick

Cape Town – always cool, classy and breathtaking.

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted, but I have been mulling over a little winter getaway to Cape Town and as I was going through some old pics of my trip back in December I decided that this post would be the perfect segway to get me back into ‘the space.’

So if like me, you like to plan ahead here are some of my must sees if you’re in the Mother City over summer – or winter (wrapped up accordingly) x

For market meandering – Hout Bay Market

Blown.Away by this market. Set in an authentic old fish factory, Hout Bay Market is a melting pot of uniquely South African arts and crafts. It’s one of those places where the creative energy and the vibrancy of South Africa come alive and you just get that proudly Saffa shiver up your spine. There’s something for everyone there – I personally indulged in a delicious salmon and poached eggs brekky, impeccable coffee at ZA cafe and got me some blue mirrored sunnies from one of the many to die for fashion stalls.

For road trippin’ – Kalk Bay and Boulders Beach

When I’m in CT I always squeeze in a road trip to see the little penguin men at Boulders Beach – and with the picturesque little retro town of Kalk Bay en route, it’s definitely one of my highly recommended ventures. Penguins and boutique stores – what’s not to like, really?

For wining and dining–

Ok it’s no brainer – in Cape Town, we drink wine. There are so many beautiful wine farms it’s hard to recommend one – just get a driver to chauffeur you around! Some personal faves of mine are Tokara, Meerlust, La Motte, Spier and Beau Constantia. I am looking forward to visiting in the colder months – sipping on some red wine around a fireplace is my kinda holiday.

For fresh air and exercise – Lions Head

Table Mountain’s little sister, always a goodie for a Sunday morning hike with a rewarding breathtaking view at the top. No more words of persuasion needed, you’ll see why…

For the health nuts – Wellness Warehouse

I died and went to health nut heaven here. 3.5 hours later (and I had only just moved over from the food and into the skincare) and I was convinced I needed everything from coconut yoghurt to kale chips and every superfood supplement under the sun – eventually had to get outta there… My fave part was the lovely wellness café inside that offers delicious vegan, vegetarian and gluten free meals – something still lacking in Durban I am finding – but we’ll get there.

Wellness Warehouse is situated in the Lifestyles on Kloof centre, 50 Kloof Street.

For an authentic township vibes party – Mzolis

This was newbie for me and man I am glad I ventured out to Gugulethu. Mzoli’s is a butchery and grill bar on the outskirts of the township. I was at the outset, a bit concerned that it would be far too touristy for my liking, but was pleasantly surprised! Aside from the queue taking a good two hours – made a bit more fun by meeting many energized and festive spirits and being able to buy a few cold ciders and soft drinks from a mama’s homemade shebeen across the road – it was a really authentic experience. You choose and pay for your tray of meat and then head to the back where you wait in a smokey kitchen for your chosen cuts to be cooked (doesn’t sound fun but it was!). After that you take the charred cutlets back to your table inside the bar area where you proceed to devour it savagely with your hands, quickly clean up and then dance the night away to some really great African and RnB beats. A rustic and tasty African experience – I smelt like braai afterwards but it was well worth it!

For sun downers with a view – The Grand

And this is why you go to Cape Town (aside from the wine), to sip a cocktail on a private beach. A lovely spot for a Sunday sundowner x

Meet: Lola Berry

November 5, 2014

lola berry_CVR SI.indd

Images: Lilli Waters (top) and Pinterest.

I know I’ve said it before, but three years of living in Australia really opened up my eyes to nutrition and it’s direct link to wellbeing. In my early 20’s as a Uni student and then when I went on to live in London, I used to eat a lot of food that was high in sugar or carbs because it was quick and easy and gave me instant energy. Over the years, I have learnt the importance of a proper diet and how you can really nourish your mind and body through what you eat. As well as living in the health hub that was Bondi, where you could get green juices at your doorstep and banting, gluten, dairy or sugar free options at just about every cafe, it was people I was exposed to like like Sarah Wilson from I Quit Sugar and Lola Berry who inspired me to take the first steps to leading a healthier lifestyle through my diet.

I was very fortunate to have Lola, a leading Australian nutritionist  as one of my yoga teacher’s in Bondi – I used to get such a high from her energy-fueled sessions in which she combined her DJ’s skills with yoga. As well as a nutritionist, DJ and yoga teacher, Lola is also a television, writing and radio personality, chef and author of a cookbook – talk about an over-achiever! Lola’s colourful personality and passion inspires all of those around her  so I really hope you enjoy my conversation with her x

Check out recipes from Lola’s 20/20 diet cookbook here and follow Lola at or on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

What does living with soul mean to you?

It means doing what you love, being real and coming from the heart, and you know what – I think that’s pretty rare. You know when you meet someone who’s truly real; they’re the ones with that extra little spark and they always make your head turn.

What or who inspires you?

Anyone who has the courage to live their dreams. Steve Irwin is a huge inspiration for me. And my Dad, he’s pretty ace too.

What’s your food philosophy?

Eat real food, listen to your body, nourish yourself and share food with the people you love most.

Biggest food myth?

That low fat is healthier and all the fake sugars, those artificial sweeteners are not cool at all.

We know that you love a good quote – hit us with one of your best!

‘Authentic people are enigmatic because more people are so comfortable in their hiding, conforming, dis-empowered state that someone brave enough to be simply real is fascinating.’ – Jamie Catto

Have you ever been to South Africa? If so what do you think and the big question – do you like our food? 

I would love to visit South Africa, my Dad went last year and his photos looked amazing. I’d been keen to try as much of the local produce as possible, I love spices so i think there’d be so much I could learn.

We know that you used to be a DJ – what music are you listening to at the moment?

Ahh – yes, I am still a big music nerd. At the moment I am loving Chet Faker, Ta-ku, Hozier and Sigur Ros.

Are there any awesome yoga playlists that we can find online?

I’d  say so but I collect my music for gigs – I love going to live gigs and I’ll try to make a playlist around things I love listening to at that moment.

And finally, one piece of advise you’ve never forgotten?

When I moved away from home to pursue my dreams, my dad said to me at the airport (when iw as crying); “Kick some goals girl” –  so that’s what I always try to do – be kicking goals.

Coconut Craze

October 13, 2014


Image credit: Pinterest

I’m literally bananas about coconuts – I can’t believe that I only really discovered the goodness of these tropical nuts in the past few years! Coconuts give us three wonder products; coconut oil, water and milk – here are some ways I incorporate them into my life, but really, the options are endless x


In my years of being a publicist for many a beauty brand I have tried A LOT of hair masks, but my best product yet is pure and simple coconut oil. It helps relieve any dryness of the scalp and also leaves hair feeling soft and nourished. I rub some in before showering/washing my hair or, if my hair is need of lot of hydration I leave it in overnight and wash in the morning.

Coconut Oil also makes a beautifully natural body and lip moisturiser. It’s more hydrating than average body cream because the oil penetrates deep layers of the skin and actually helps to strengthen underlying tissue. It’s SO good that my friend used it on her little Yorkshire Terrier’s back – the poor pup had a dry itchy spot that would not go away – and a week later it was completely healed!

Drink –

In Sydney I used to be able to buy whole, chilled coconuts from the veggie shop. The staff would cut them open, pop a straw in and voila; you had your instant coco-fix. Pure coconut water is full of electrolytes, which play a vital role in your body, especially in maintaining proper functionality of your nerves, heart, and other muscles. It also contains essential vitamins B6, C Thiaman and folate. If you are buying a bottled coconut water then make sure it is 100% natural and has no sugar added. I searched far and wide for coconut water with NO sugar and finally I found some at Gorimas (the Indian delicatessen).

Cook –

Coconut Oil is one of the healthiest oils you can use for cooking. Many known ‘healthy’ oils like olive oil break down into harmful compounds when heated but coconut oil remains stable at higher temperatures – so keep the olive oil for yummy salads!

You can also use coconut cream/milk as substitute for milk. Some recipes I love to make with coconut – oil for homemade chocolate e.g. raspberry ripple and homemade popcorn, coconut milk for scrambled eggs and green smoothiesmango and coconut smoothie.


Green Glow

October 4, 2014


Image credit: Nicole Leftwick

I am hands down a die-hard raw juice fan – I love how it makes me feel and what it does for my skin. I remember my good friend in Australia, Helen Dowsley, a Celebrity Hair and Make-up Artist, who I worked with for many years, telling me that one of her top tips for amazing skin was to drink a veggie juice everyday – and I haven’t looked back since.

Although a green or ruby red beverage might not look all that appetizing, it actually is quite tasty – here are two recipes that I like to drink in the morning – you literally just throw them all in a juicer (not a blender – it’s different!) – but note, there are no exact recipes to raw jucing, the best thing to do is play around with different quantities and veggies with different benefits. Beetroot, for example, contains potassium, magnesium, iron and vitamins A, B6, C and folic acid. Read about what all of this does for your body here. 

Served with a lot of ice, it’s really refreshing and amazing for your health and skin –

The Green Glow – half or one green apple (depends on how sweet you want it), 3-4 dark green leafy veg e.g. spinach or kale, 2 celery sticks (with the leaves), a handful of mint and about 3/4 of lemon (no rind).

The Big Red - 2-3 baby beetroots, 2 large carrots, either half a red apple or an orange (no rind) and a bit of ginger.

You can pick up some great bargains on your veg packs, at any Food Lovers. If you’re not into blending then you can cheat and buy bottles of cold pressed juices. Some companies like Skinny Juice Co in CT do actual 5 -7 day juice cleanse packs for a full juice detox (that’s no eating, just juicing!). I haven’t found any yet in Durban, but I will. Hit me up if you know of any – I’m addicted x


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